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5 ways you can share your gifts locally

Misconceptions on how to get involved can hold people back.

When sharing your gifts, do you automatically assume you have to go somewhere to do anything big? For me, personally, I’ve held the misconception that you’d have to be a missionary or would have to travel great distances in order to share spiritual gifts and that I wasn’t enough to undertake that kind of role. I always failed to realize the potential to share my gifts locally.

Let me just say how wrong I was in my thinking on so, so many levels.

First of all, I am enough. I am so tired of the self doubt speeches I give myself. They are unproductive and hurtful. They are lies.

And most of all, they undermine God’s work in me.

Secondly, you don’t have to go far to use your gifts and you don’t even need to travel!

So without further delay…

5 ways you can share your gifts locally:

In your home:

You don’t need to go far at all. If you have anyone living with you, believers or not, there is work to be done. We are all tasked with sharing the love of Christ. Everyone can use this.

Young, old, good days, bad days, teaching, reminding, helping, being helped, loving.

There are no restrictions here.

In my home, on a daily basis I have the opportunity to teach my girls about our wonderful God, the many blessings He provides, and His Word. I get to be an encourager to my husband and my girls to remind them about all we have to be thankful for, what we can do to serve, and to encourage them to seek Him first.

When we have guests, the opportunities are endless depending on the circumstances.

When I walk outside my door, even more opportunities appear to share my gifts locally.

In your neighbourhood:

Have you ever prayed for your neighbours? If you haven’t, I encourage you to give it a try.

We can be a light in our neighbourhoods and serve our neighbours with our gifts.

Last summer, we moved to a new town where we knew nobody. We have made a good effort to meet those around us and to bless them in any way we can. Whether that be mowing a lawn when someone is ill, taking baked goods to neighbours around Christmas (with an invite to the Christmas service at church), bringing snacks to neighbours moving in or out, or simply being a listening ear, etc.

Whether your neighbours are believers or not, there are many opportunities to encourage, help, and disciple. There is no limit to how you can use your gifts locally in your neighbourhood.

In your community:

Branching out from your neighbourhood, there is your bigger community. I encourage prayer for your community as well; it is such an amazing feeling to pray over issues or with thanksgiving for the things that happen where we live.

Is there a way you can connect with community members? Roadside clean up, baby sitting swap, donating on a local buy and sell when someone in need is searching for something essential, etc.

Is there a way you can thank those who keep your community safe and going strong? Coffee or snacks for your local emergency, police, or fire department, heartfelt thank you notes, etc.

Again, the sky is the limit.

In a local organization:

Local organizations are a great way to serve your local community. Find a way to volunteer or share your gifts.

Volunteering can take many shapes including: helping at your local animal shelter; food bank, soup kitchen, etc assistance; run a program at a public library; help at a school – field trip, science fair, hot lunch distribution, etc; and so on. Depending on your community, opportunities will vary.

Find various organizations that accept volunteers and see if one suits you and your gifts if this is where you feel led.

In your church:

Many churches have programs offered to the congregation.

A lot of these programs are run by volunteers and cannot function without help. If there is a volunteer ministry that aligns with your gifts, try to volunteer with it. Even if you can only volunteer on a sporadic basis, your help will likely be appreciated and a blessing to others.

In many churches, volunteer based ministries can be threatened to continue due to a lack of volunteers; you never know, but your volunteering may just be what it needs to keep going.

Sharing your gifts locally and beyond.

Serving in your local sphere can truly make a difference. There are many non-believers all around you and your presence, love, and kindness can make a difference in their lives. You never know when you will have the opportunity to share the gospel with somebody and your actions may just create that opportunity.

I also just want to mention that there are the global opportunities as well. Whichever your preference, seek out opportunities to use your spiritual gifts and share the love of Christ with those you encounter.

You are enough and you can make a difference.

Many blessings to you! Thank you to all who are following me on my journey; if you aren’t already, please feel free to follow me to get notifications of new posts.

Feel free to comment below with any ways you are sharing your gifts, how I can pray for you, or any other comments!


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5 ways you can share your gifts locally. There is a welcome to our happy place sign with two outdoor lanterns and a pink floral gift bag awaiting you by a front door.
You don’t have to go very far to find ways to use your gifts.




2 thoughts on “5 ways you can share your gifts locally

  1. These are some great suggestions. I’m a worship leader and I never thought of it as a a way I can use my gifts to bless other.

    1. It sounds like you are using some of your God-given gifts quite wonderfully in the local setting. What a blessing to your congregation. Thank you for your comment! Have a blessed day!

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