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8 ways to master sharing your gifts


We all have gifts. You may know what they are, or maybe you have taken a gift inventory. Either way, you’ve got a unique set of gifts. Even if we have the same gifts, we may choose to use them differently. We need to have an idea of how we will master sharing our gifts.

So you’ve figured out your spiritual gifts, now what?

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8 ways to master sharing your gifts:

Pray about it.

If you’re wondering what in the world you are supposed to do with your spiritual gifts and your personal skills, pray. Maybe you have a crazy array of gifts and you don’t know which to use. Perhaps you don’t know how to get started. Maybe it all just seems out of reach.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is by praying, listening, and watching, God usually has a way of revealing His intent for us. Take time and ask God how He wants to use your hands, feet, and mind to build His kingdom influence. Don’t forget to listen and observe because sometimes He answers us in unique ways and we don’t want to miss opportunities to begin using our spiritual gifts.

Be well prepared and ready yourself.

While you sort through and figure out how you are to use your gifts, prepare yourself and be ready to take action. Spend time in His Word and see how others use similar gifts to yours. Think about the journey you’ve been on so far and how you’ve grown as a believer. More than likely, as you share your gifts, somebody will ask you how you got to where you all. Marvel in that journey now. Where has God taken you from and where is He leading you?

Research and seek opportunities.

Once you hone in on the gifts and skills you feel led to pursue, look into ways you can utilize those gifts. You don’t have to start big, you don’t have to start small. Find opportunities that appeal and motivate you. If you find something that ignites your soul on fire, pursue it. It could be in your home, for your family, for your neighbours, for your community, for your church, for your country, for the world. The sky isn’t even the limit. Don’t limit yourself and see where your gifts and skills take you.

Take the first step.

Now that you’ve determined your gifts, skills, and how you can use them, jump in both feet first! Go all in and experience all it has to offer. What this looks like for you or me will likely be drastically different, so don’t be afraid to forge your own path. Also don’t be surprised if there are obstacles in your way! One thing all disciples of Christ know is that as we grow closer to Christ and growing His kingdom, the more the enemy tries to push us back. Go forth with confidence as God is for you. He is with you as you go.

Be constantly in prayer.

Now that God has given you an idea of where you are going, don’t forget to be in prayer over the course of the whole journey. We are doing this for Him not for us. Let Him lead you and modify your course as necessary. Be open to change. Be open to growth. Get ready for challenges. One thing is for certain: we should remain constantly in prayer and to give the Lord all of our secret petitions.

Also, spend more time in His Word and see how you can modify what you are doing to make sure you are sharing your gifts in a way that is pleasing to Him.

Extend grace.

Grace is such an amazing gift we are given by our savior. Extend yourself grace on this journey as there is no doubt that there will be bumps on this road, there will be things that don’t work out. But, there will be many successes, blessings, and opportunities to grow the Kingdom as well.

Also, be sure to extend grace to those around you. Show them the love of Christ. Be an example. Be a disciple. Bless them with grace. Let love shine through all you do so they can see a loving savior by your actions and words.

Act with integrity.

Do right, even when you fall down. We all have moments of weakness or moments when things don’t go as planned. As disciples of Christ, we cannot let that stop us from fulfilling God’s plans for us. We need to ensure we pray for guidance and to adjust our course to maintain our integrity as best as possible.

Share your journey and what you are doing.

Share how you are using your gifts and skills with others. You never know when what you say may be the motivation somebody needs to start using their own gifts. Your journey many inspire somebody else who has a similar gift and skill set who doesn’t know where to begin. You may motivate a non-believer to re-evaluate what they are doing because they see the love of Christ in what you are doing vs the judgemental attitude they expect. How we conduct ourselves can really make the difference.

Go out into the world and share your gifts!

Many blessings to you! Thank you to all who are following me on my journey; if you aren’t already, please feel free to follow me to get notifications on upcoming posts. Feel free to comment below with your spiritual gifts, how you’re using them, and/or how I can pray for you. Please feel free to share your journey.


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