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The simple truth about using your gifts

Gifts. Use them. No problem, right?

First, we start by realizing the gifts we have and developing a plan to master them. After this, it is hard to ignore the “sacrifice” carrying through will take. That sacrifice alone – be it time, money, effort, image, relationships, desires – is enough to keep many people from using their gifts.

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In our world, it is so easy to fear what will happen to us if we live out our gifts to grow God’s kingdom. Will we be rejected? Do we need to forgo different material goods or worldly behaviours? Will we have to give up holidays of celebration? Is our image going to be distorted in the eyes of our peers? Will we have to give up money, either by leaving a promising career or by using it to the glory of God?

There are so many questions that we will have to make us doubt whether or not our ideas are a fool’s errand.


Regardless of our reservations, we have these gifts.

If you are ever concerned or fear using your spiritual gifts, look to Acts 2. When the Holy Spirit came down to man at Pentecost, the holy spirit filled the home where the apostles were staying and gifted them the gift of tongues. Many came to the apostles to see what was going on.

What stands out is that there were those who mocked them and said they must be drunk. From the very first times the Spirit gave us spiritual gifts, there have been those that mock and ridicule disciples of Christ.

But also remember, it is our differences from our society around us that makes us stand out and that can make us be the light of the world because if we didn’t stand out, we would be part of the world.

Using gifts for God’s purpose.

If you haven’t read Acts 2, or even if it’s been a while, I highly recommend reading it. There is a happy ending for those who criticized the apostles. When they realized the error is their accusations, Peter encouraged them to repent and get baptized for forgiveness of their sins; this allowed them to receive the Holy Spirit. He told them to be saved from this crooked generation. Their lives were transformed.

So what does this mean for you and I?

Now this is where it gets heavy… There will be those that mock us or challenges that stand in the way, but those obstacles may be the exact reason why we are in a place at exactly that moment. We don’t have these gifts for ourselves, we have these gifts to serve and bring people closer to God no matter the expense. The value of one soul is more precious than jewels.

Now brace yourself…

The simple truth about spiritual gifts is that we have been purchased through the blood of Christ and that our lives are not our own. What we have been given is for us to give.

Okay, maybe not so simple.

But, this does give us purpose and direction as we continue on our journeys. It is also a fantastic motivator and reason for why we shouldn’t give up or ignore our gifts. Once it is strung into words and put in your lap, it is hard to ignore the fact that we are called to serve and to use our gifts. We are disciples of Christ. We are here for a purpose.

What is your purpose? What are you being led to do? How will you use your gifts?

Using my gifts for God’s purpose is my purpose.

By equipping myself with the gifts I have been given, my knowledge, my aspirations to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and with the Holy Spirit, I will serve the Lord. I may struggle. I may fail. But I will use my gifts for good and to serve.

Many blessings to you! Thank you to all who are following me on my journey; if you aren’t already, please feel free to follow me to get notifications of new posts.

Feel free to comment below if you have any fears about using your gifts, obstacles in your way, how I can pray for you, or any other comments!


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We need to be using our spiritual gifts because they have been given to us to give to others.



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